How to Post Reels on Instagram Story Without Publishing to Feed? Tips that Work

There are times when we prioritize aesthetics over functionality. This is one of the reasons why the majority of people prefer posting their Instagram reels in the dedicated reels tab but don’t want the same to appear on the main feed.

However, if you are trying to grow your Instagram account, audience engagement is crucial. If the audience doesn’t see your reels in the account, that’s one of the biggest downfalls. Not only does it prevent you from getting good views, but it also gets all your hard work to waste.

There are some workaround tips wherein you can post reels on your Instagram story to bypass the issue. We will disclose all the information in detail in this article.

Steps to Post the Instagram Reel on Your Instagram Story

Post the Instagram Reel on Your Instagram Story

Let’s say that you created an interactive Instagram reel with all the important trends and catchy music. However, you are picky about your Instagram feed’s aesthetic. You don’t want the feed to look overcrowded and things should be in its dedicated space on your Instagram account.

In that case, there is an effective way to bypass the shortcoming. What you have to do is post the Instagram reel directly on your Instagram story and call it a day. What this does is ensure that your reels are not on the feed but in the dedicated reels section. But, at the same time, you can promote the reel you just created.

Following are the steps you need to follow:

  • Start by launching your Instagram app and then tap on the “+” icon.
  • Under the list of content types, choose Reel.
  • The next step is to record the reel either using Instagram’s native camera app or you can import an already created Reel video that you have filmed and edited. You can do so from the Gallery.
  • Next, add the trending music from the Instagram music library or the list of saved audio in your account. 
  • The last step is to fine-tune or customize the reel in the final step and then post it to your account.
  • You will find an “Also share to Feed” toggle. Turn it off to disable the feature. What this will do is post the Instagram reel to your account but it won’t post the same to the feed.

Posting to Instagram Story:

  • With all that to the side, the last step is to add the reel to your Instagram story.
  • What you have to do is select the reel that you wish to post. Click on the “Share” button.
  • Navigate to the bottom until you find the “Share to Story” option.
  • Click on it and the reel will be shared to your Instagram stories.

And, that’s all that you have to do. Once you have shared the Reel to your Instagram stories, you are all set to popularize your Instagram reel in no time at all.

Posting Instagram Reel as a Video to Instagram Story

Another way out of the situation is by posting the final draft of the reel directly to your Instagram Story. Now, this is one of those tricks we’d not recommend you try.

Why? Because the main purpose of the Instagram reels is to boost engagement. If you are directly posting the reel to your Instagram stories, it won’t count towards the views that you’d have gotten on it otherwise.

This cuts out the possibility of growth or even the chance to go viral. However, that said, we understand that everyone’s definition of success concerning reels is different.

So, if you don’t want to post it to the feed directly, the best bypass is to post the video as is on your Instagram story. Now, posting it to the story has two routes:

  • You can import the created reel from the phone’s gallery and then upload the same to your Instagram story. If the video is longer than 15 seconds, it will be cut and posted as multiple stories.
  • Another method is where you can directly shoot from Instagram’s camera feature and then post the video to the Instagram story.

Let us break them down and elaborate further:

1. Posting from the Gallery

The first method is the one that the majority of the users opt for. It’s convenient and takes you a few seconds to upload. 

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Launch your Instagram app
  • Navigate to the “Your Story” tab
  • Select the video from your Gallery
  • Edit and fine-tune it according to your convenience
  • Add music to the video
  • Once everything is to your liking, you can go ahead and post the reel on your Instagram story.

Once you are done posting the video to the Instagram stories, be aware that it will only remain in the story for 24 hours, following which it gets deleted. You can find the stories archived in the profile settings section.

Also, if you don’t want the videos to disappear, you can go ahead and save the video by tapping on the “Add to highlights” option.

2. Recording in the app

The next way to post your Instagram reel without posting on the feed is by directly recording the same in the app. 

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Navigate to “Your Story” on your Instagram account
  • Under that, you’d need to choose the category or the element for recording the video. There are several different ones to consider, including boomerang, multi-capture, hands-free, etc.
  • Next, you have to select the desired video type from the list of available options.
  • After that, you need to start recording the video. Do so by tapping on the White circle in the middle of the screen.
  • Once you are done recording, you can either save it in your drafts, save it to your camera roll, and then you can repost it to your Instagram stories.

What are the Benefits of Posting the Instagram Reels to Stories?

What are the Benefits of Posting the Instagram Reels to Stories?

Now, you must be sitting there thinking, “Are there any benefits to posting the Instagram reels to stories?” Well, there are a lot of benefits associated with doing this.

Let us get some of the facts straightened out.

1. Single app functionality

The best thing you can do by uploading the Instagram reels to your Instagram stories is not to get into a lot of hassles. You can go ahead and record the video on the app and then directly share it on your Instagram stories. This cuts out most of the hassle that you’d experience otherwise, especially with importing the videos from one place to the other.

2. Channel your creativity

Not only does this help you increase the visibility of the reel, but posting the reel on your Instagram stories allows you to channel the most of your creativity. You can also optimize the reel’s appearance and make it look more presentable when you do the same using Instagram stories.

3. Personalized viewing experience

Lastly, sharing your Instagram reel to the Instagram stories gives you the option to customize the appearance to make it look more appealing. You can also add images, videos, and even other kinds of content without any hassle. 

Tips to Optimize Your Reels for Better Engagement

Now that you have a comprehensive idea about sharing reels to your Instagram stories for better views and engagement, let us share a few tips that you can use to optimize your reels.

What this does is ensure that you have better engagement. Not just that, optimizing the reel also makes it more searchable, and the chances of going viral increase significantly.

Following are a few tips we’d recommend checking out:

1. Hop on the trend

There’s no alternative to creating good-quality and relatable reels on the ongoing trends. This is what makes all the difference in the long run. Following the trend might seem cliché at that moment but it gives you an upper hand when you are trying to grow your account. Instead of doing the same thing as other creators, you can go ahead and put a twist on the whole trend by doing things your way.

2. Use a catchy audio

The next thing that you have to prioritize when creating a reel is using catchy audio. This is what makes all the difference in the long run. Catchy music and tunes help you navigate through the process seamlessly, enabling you to retain the attention of the audience that is scrolling.

3. Good-quality video

The quality and resolution of your video are another deciding factor that you can’t push to the side. If the quality is low and distorted, be assured that it will affect the viewership quite significantly. In that case, ensure that you are recording the video with a good-quality camera.


Sharing your Instagram reels to the stories instead of the feed is a great way to maintain the account’s aesthetics. Not only does it keep everything organized in your account, but it also ensures that you can add your touch of creativity when sharing the created reels to the Stories on your account.

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