Best AI Girlfriend App 2024: Top 10 Apps to Have Real-time Conversations

The advent of artificial intelligence has not only streamlined the way people create content and simplify their jobs, but the advent of AI has also made it possible for individuals to have a virtual companion whom they can chat with and share their life experiences with.

The concept of having an “AI Girlfriend” might sound surprising but it has gradually become a trend that people are delving into. If you have been meaning to try your hands at acquiring an AI girlfriend, there are several applications that you can check out.

In this guide, we will take a look at some of the best AI Girlfriend apps that you can sign up to have a virtual companion.

AI Girlfriend Apps

Top 10 AI Girlfriend Apps

When exploring the best AI Girlfriend applications, our main priority was to familiarize you with apps that are reliable and have a very interactive user interface.

Before we introduce you to some of the favorite applications in the lot, let us introduce you to what an AI girlfriend app is.

As the name suggests, AI Girlfriend apps are applications that one can use to create a virtual companion for themselves. But, the best part of these applications is the chats and conversations you can indulge in.

For example, the app simulates human-like conversations, providing the users with an interactive and unique experience chatting with a bot. Not just Girlfriend apps, there are ones where people can get AI boyfriends too.

That said, the following are the top 10 AI Girlfriend apps we’d recommend you try out:

1. Anime Girlfriend – AI Chat

Available for Android and iOS platforms, Anime Girlfriend is a fun, interactive, and human-like chatting application where you can talk to your anime girlfriend in real time. 

What’s great about this platform is that it allows you to create a virtual relationship with a character that you get to create from scratch on the app itself. So, if you have your ideal definition of what your girlfriend would look like, you can achieve that on this app.

The app has been developed by Starry Sky Games and it allows you to create and customize your girlfriend inside the app and even interact with them.

2. Intimate – AI Girlfriend

When talking about the best AI girlfriend app on the internet, Intimate takes the cake. The highlight of this app is the fact that the conversations that you indulge in with the AI girlfriend feel very real. It’s almost as if you are talking to a real human.

Besides text-based conversations, you can also engage in video and audio formats, wherein the virtual characters have a very realistic-looking appearance, and even their voices sound human-like.

The app also simulates the progress that a real relationship would have. You can start with introductory conversations and then make your way up from there. In short, it’s quite a fun and engaging experience.


Built using neural networks and deep learning techniques, is another popular AI girlfriend app that we’d recommend you pay close attention to. If you want to engage in a fun and exciting conversation, this is the one we’d recommend you prioritize.

The best thing about this app is the level of realism you indulge in. From the realistic-looking customizable characters to the high-quality images, there is a lot that you can do using this app and that’s one of the things that sets it apart from the other AI girlfriend apps.

Since the app makes use of advanced algorithms, it isn’t surprising that the final generated images are high-quality and look like real humans. You won’t even be able to tell a difference on the first look, which is uncanny.

4. AI Girls – Free AI Girlfriend

If you are an Android user and have been looking for an exclusive AI Girlfriend app for your platform, AI Girls is the one. It is a free, reliable, and highly customizable app that’s gaining more and more precedence with each passing day.

The platform has an AI-enabled chatbot, which you can use to chat with your virtual AI girlfriend. But, that’s not just the highlight. Instead, the app has features that can simulate a conversation with your girlfriend without any hassle.

The flow of the conversations on this app is also quite promising. At no point during the chat, you will feel bored or out of your mind. It’s almost as if you are talking to a friend, someone that you can share your daily routine with and have a sense of security and peace with them.

5. SeducedAI

SeducedAI has received positive and negative comments but with how advanced this chatbot is, we had to include it in the list. It is an NSFW AI Generator, which means that the theme of the chats and the kind of conversations you indulge in are not for the faint of the heart.

On this platform, users can engage in soft or very mature adult content, according to what they prefer. There are no restrictions to what you can do on the platform.

Besides that, the platform also allows the users to directly upload their images, which sounds like an advanced feature but we’d recommend you avoid it. You never know how these images might be used, so it’s ideal that you not share any.

6. iGirl

If you are looking for a more realistic girlfriend experience, iGirl is the perfect AI Girlfriend app we’d recommend you try out.

What’s unique about this platform is the fact that the conversations go beyond the realms of basic texting. You can also explore video and audio-based interactions, all thanks to the latest AI revolution that has been used to create this app in the first place.

Again, we have to reiterate that if you want an AI Girlfriend app that sounds like it could be managed by a real human being, we’d recommend giving this one a go.

7. Anima: Free AI Friend & Companion

Next up on the list is Anima, which enables you to create animated and virtual renditions of your girlfriend on the app. You can choose between the way they would look and dress and once your “AI girlfriend” is created, you can go ahead and chat with them.

What sets this apart from the rest of the AI platforms is the unique chatting experience. The tool has been trained to understand what the user is saying, analyze the text, and then respond with empathy and care.

So, when you are chatting with this AI Girlfriend app, it won’t feel like you are talking to an inanimate platform. Instead, it will feel like you are chatting with an actual person, which is pretty cool.


As the name suggests, is the AI Girlfriend app of your dreams that enables you to generate the girlfriend you have been dreaming of all this while. From her appearance to her personality, you can customize it all.

What’s great is that the AI app is so customizable that it allows you to choose the profession, hobbies, interests, etc. of your virtual girlfriend as well. In short, you get to create a girlfriend of your dreams.

As for the chatting experience goes, even that is quite comprehensive and fun. It doesn’t sound robotic at all, which is a bonus.

9. My Virtual Manga Girl

This one is a hit or miss among users. If you are into manga and anime, you will love creating an AI anime girlfriend on this app.

You can customize your AI girlfriend without any hassle on this platform, and the app is 100% free to use, which means that you won’t have to pay anything to create an account or use the features that are available on this platform.

The customization features along with the chatting experience that you get to explore on this app are quite promising.

10. Free AI Anime Girlfriend App

Last on the list is another AI Girlfriend app that’s compatible with Android and iOS. This Girlfriend simulator app allows users to engage in human-like conversations, making it feel like you are talking to your real girlfriend.

Since the app is free, there are certain issues with the app’s efficiency and it does glitch and buffer from time to time but overall, for a free experience, this one is worth a try. 

The realistic AI-powered chat makes up for all the downsides that the app has. The good news is that the developers are transiently working on improving the app’s performance, so you won’t have to worry about the app’s performance or the user experience at all.


If you want to get started with an AI Girlfriend app on your smartphone, we’d recommend you give these a go. All of these apps are 100% free to use and most of them are available for both Android and iOS devices, which means compatibility won’t be an issue. They are also reliable. The only tip we’d share would be to avoid uploading personal images on any of these apps.

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