Sync and Share: Mastering the Art of Joint TikTok Accounts with Your Squad

If you are trying to grow on Tiktok, be assured that growing in groups is a lot easier than growing alone. Now, this might sound a little confusing, so let us clear things up for you.

Having an independent Tiktok account where you post content related to your niche is well and fine. You get to grow significantly and build an audience for yourself. But you might forget that Tiktok is more about virality, trends, etc. So, having a joint TikTok account with your friends is a great way to make your content go viral.

This article will explore everything you need to know about how to make a joint TikTok account with your friends.

How do I join someone’s Tiktok account?

How do I join someone’s Tiktok account?

Account-sharing policies are pretty different when it comes to Tiktok. When you share your account with someone, your main aim is to ensure that you and your friend are abiding by the standard community guidelines that Tiktok has put into place.

The primary reason Tiktok has these ground rules in place is to protect the user’s privacy and prevent risks of impersonation, which is very common on social media. So, when it comes to sharing an account, there are certain factors put into place.

There aren’t any official account-sharing features available on Tiktok, which means that the easiest way to share your account is by sharing the login details with your friend and asking them to log into the account from their device.

Ways to Give someone access to Tiktok Account

As we just mentioned, Tiktok doesn’t have any official account-sharing feature integrated into their app. This means that if you want to give access to your Tiktok account to a friend, you’d have to do it manually by sharing the login details.

So, sharing the username and password with your friend is the only way to overcome the obstacle. However, you need to keep in consideration that the details you share are sensitive information and should not be misused. 

Only share your login details with your friend if you trust them and know 100% sure that they will not misuse the information.

Is there any way to make a Joint Tiktok account with friends?

make a Joint Tiktok account with friends

Tiktok doesn’t have very strict restrictions when it comes to creating user accounts. This means that if you want to create a joint Tiktok account with your friend, the steps are pretty similar to how you’d create a normal “one-person” Tiktok account.

Since you are planning to create a joint TikTok account, you have to ensure that you are doing so with people that you resonate with. The last thing you want to do is create a joint Tiktok account with someone opposite to who you are.

This will eventually clash when it comes to creating content, making things a lot more complicated than it has to be. So, before creating the account, sit down with the friend, discuss the niche that would work best for you both, and then proceed to create the account.

Since it is a joint Tiktok account, you have to select a username that correlates with both of the users managing the account. Both (or multiple) users should get equal recognition from the account, so keep that in mind when choosing the username.

Once all the logistics are finalized, you can open the Tiktok app, click on Sign-up and then fill in all the designated fields to log into the platform and get started posting content on the platform right from there.

How to Create Money on Tiktok Using Joint Account?

How to Create Money on Tiktok Using Joint Account?

Remember we mentioned that your chances of going viral increase when you create content in groups or with a friend. This is more about the “trends”, so if you are creating a joint Tiktok account with your friend, be assured that you have higher chances of making your content go viral on the platform.

Once you end up creating your Tiktok account, there are multiple ways to earn money from posting videos with your friends. Following are some tips that work the best:

  • Creator fund – Tiktok has a separate creator’s fund, where they pay a monthly set amount to the creators who qualify for the fund. You’d have to have a distinct number of followers and likes to qualify for this though, so keep that into consideration. Research more about it.
  • Partner with brands – It goes without saying but brand partnerships and sponsorships are the best way to earn a steady income. So, if you want to start earning money on your joint Tiktok account with your friend/s, you’d need to gain recognition and engage in brand deals. You can also collaborate with other influencers.
  • Ad manager – Tiktok has a distinct ad-manager feature, which the users can manage on their profiles to generate ads and earn a portion from it. The amount isn’t a lot but it is still a way to earn some money off the platform.
  • Sell merch – Once you gain enough traction on Tiktok and have a dedicated fanbase, the next step to earn some good money is by selling exclusive merch. This isn’t a one-day process, so you’d have to first establish your repertoire on the platform to qualify for the merch-selling aspect.
  • Collect virtual gifts – Another way you can earn a steady income off of Tiktok is when you go live on the platform and have the fans buy you virtual gifts. It isn’t much but if you have a dedicated following, you should be able to sort things out.

Generating money on any social media platform isn’t as simple as you think. There are a lot of factors put into place, which you need to sort out before you can qualify for revenue generation.


This concludes all that you need to know about creating a joint Tiktok account with your friends and then monetizing it. If you have been considering opening an account and were wondering about the logistics, we hope this article gives you all the insights you need to get started.

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