How to Change Suggested Reels on Instagram – Breaking Down the Algorithm!

Instagram is no longer a simple video and photo-sharing platform. Instead, the platform has now evolved to become an app that provides creators the free will to share their content without any hassle.

We are aware of the fact that Instagram is mostly run by algorithms, so every video or photo that you come across on the platform is tailored to the interests of the viewers on the platform. However, we aren’t foreign to the concept of unrelated and “cringe” Instagram reels that often pop up on our feeds now and then.

Not only do they affect the user experience, but they also make it impossible for us to appreciate the good content that we come across on the platform. This article will highlight some of the most effective ways you can change your suggested reels on Instagram in no time at all.

Can You Remove the Suggested Instagram Reels?

Before we discuss some of the effective ways to change suggested reels on Instagram, let us answer one of the most commonly asked questions, “Is it possible to remove suggested Instagram reels?”

Let’s understand a scenario first. So, you have a suggested reel pop up on your Instagram feed while you are scrolling through it. First glance at it and you aren’t sure if you want this or similar kinds of reels popping up on your feed.

In that case, removing the suggested Instagram reels is your best way out of the situation. For that, you need to follow the steps mentioned:

  • Click on the three-dot menu in the right-hand corner of the reel video.
  • Tap on “Not interested” under that.

Once you do that, the particular Instagram reel is immediately hidden. What this will do is ensure that you are not shown the same video in the future. This also ensures that you get minimal to no number of videos from the same creator as well, which is a benefit.

Note: Sometimes, what happens is that we accidentally click on “Not Interested” for a video and later lose the video we were watching in the middle. In that case, you can undo the action and fix the error that you just did.

Also, there is a block option wherein you can click on “This post made me uncomfortable” or “Don’t suggest post from <user>” to ensure that you permanently block out any of the content that’s posted by them in the future.

Is it Possible to Hide Specific Types of Reel Content?

Hide Specific Types of Reel Content

Oftentimes, we come across Instagram reels that contain subjects that are triggering for us. In that case, you can use the “Don’t suggest post with certain words” filter.

What happens is that it allows you to hide specific types of reels with certain words that you don’t want to pop up in the future. Ideally, we’d recommend paying close attention to this if you want to get rid of certain reels or subject-surrounding reels that you don’t wish to see in the future.

What are Suggested Reels on Instagram?

If you are a newbie on Instagram and have no idea as to what suggested reels are on Instagram, you are in the right place. Let us explain them in detail.

The suggested reels section is a curated list of reels and other videos and posts on Instagram that are tailored to your needs, and your likes, and relevant to the kind of videos that you watch. 

Some of the few important significance of suggested reels on Instagram include:

  • It is a great way to keep track of all your favorite Instagram reels and similar content in one place so you don’t get bored scrolling through the same.
  • This section also suggests reels that your followers like. So, this helps you keep track of the content that the people you are following are resonating with.
  • If you are tired of scrolling through the regular feed and want something a little different and more personalized, this is what you need.

Steps to See a Suggested Reel on Instagram

Now that you have a clear understanding of what a suggested reel is, let us familiarize you with the steps you need to follow to see one while scrolling on Instagram.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Start by opening your Instagram app.
  • Navigate to the explore page and find the reels section under there.
  • You will then need to find a suggested reel and view it. You can also scroll down for relevant reels.
  • Also, the more you interact with the suggested reel, the easier it becomes for you to keep up with similar kinds of content that you resonate well with.

What’s great about exploring the suggested reel section is that it allows you to discover new accounts, topics, and hashtags that you can save and refer to in the future.

Ways to Change Suggested Reels on Instagram

Change Suggested Reels on Instagram

If you clicked on this article, we are pretty sure that you did that for this section of the article. There are multiple ways for you to change the suggested reels on Instagram. Some of the steps are straightforward while a few of them can be a little challenging to navigate through.

We have sorted out a few effective tips that can help you change the suggested reel options on your Instagram account. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Access the Explore page 

What you need to understand about the concept of suggested reels is that they are customized to your interests. For example, if you engage more with Harry Potter accounts and reels, be assured that your suggested reels will include a good percentage of Harry Potter-related content. That’s how things are emulated.

2. Navigate the reels section

When you launch your Instagram app, you need to go to the Explore tab first. Under that, you will find an array of reels. What we’d recommend you do is engage with those videos from the start till the end. Doing so should help you further customize the suggested reels section without any hassle.

3. Providing feedback

Even Instagram is experimenting with your likes and dislikes. There are chances that you might come across suggested reels that aren’t to your liking or video content that you find triggering. Instead of letting things be, you need to provide instant feedback. The easiest way of doing that is by clicking on the three-dot menu and then clicking on “Not Interested.”

4. Customize the Explore feed

Instagram’s algorithm is highly reliant on the kind of account activity that you indulge in. For example, the more you engage with a specific variety of reels, the more you will see similar kinds of reels on your page. So, if you want to watch specific types of reels on your Instagram feed, you have to watch similar kinds of videos as well.

5. Engage with relevant content

Not just the view, you have to engage with relevant Instagram reels for you to be able to get those on your suggested reels section. When it comes to “engaging”, we mean you have to like, comment or even share or save the video for future reference. Doing so tells Instagram that you found the reel and the content in the reel relevant, thereby showing you similar kinds of videos in progression.

6. Follow relevant hashtags

Another great way to change the course of suggested reels on Instagram is by following relevant hashtags. Ideally, this might sound a little hectic but what you need to do is go to the search section and search the hashtags whose reels you want on your feed. For example, if you want your Instagram to have more marketing-related reels, follow the marketing-related hashtags and Instagram will optimize the suggestions based on that.

These are some tips you can implement to change the suggested reels on your Instagram account. The steps aren’t as complicated as you think, provided you are doing the relevant thing.

How to Stop Instagram from Showing Inappropriate Suggested Reels?

Instagram is highly strict about community guidelines. So, if you find reels that are inappropriate, vulgar, or triggering, you have the choice to report them immediately.

Doing so intimates Instagram about the content violation with these videos, helping you not just eliminate them from your feed but also take them down once they have enough reports against it.

At present, the only way to stop Instagram from showing inappropriate reels is by reporting them. It takes a few seconds of your time and ensures that you have a cleaner and more respectable Instagram scrolling experience without vulgarities and nudity.


If you have been confused about the concept of suggested Instagram reels, we hope you get a clear idea from this article. Kindly remember that the suggested reels are curated based on your Instagram activity and relevant content that Instagram thinks you will like and appreciate. So, if you are sitting there confused about how to change the suggested reels, the only way out is to view relevant content and follow relevant hashtags to make things simpler.

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