Why is My Instagram Only Showing Reels? Top 10 Reasons

At present, social media has become an important tool for engagement, marketing, and entertainment. Among all the available platforms, Instagram deserves special mention. Among all the features available, one that stands out is their recently released Instagram reels feature.

What’s unique about Instagram reels is that it meets the current content consumption trend in people. With the barrage of short-form video content making its way via Tiktok, Instagram reels, and YouTube shorts, it isn’t surprising that people are now consuming more of the short-form video content and in bulk.

This article will explore some of the most common reasons why Instagram is only showing reels and how you can rectify that effectively.

The Rise of Instagram Reels

Rise of Instagram Reels

Instagram reels were introduced in 2020 as an alternative to Tiktok, which was gaining precedence during that period.

Since some countries ended up banning Instagram reels, it isn’t surprising that the developers of Instagram had a quick hack up their sleeves. Reels were launched as an “identical dupe” to Tiktok. You have the same user interface and similar kinds of functionalities, which make the feature a lot more enticing to work with.

One of the main reasons why Instagram reels gained so much precedence was because they let people’s creativity go wild. It became a great way for people to express themselves, discover new trends, and even explore content from different creators in the block.

Due to this surge in popularity, Instagram’s algorithm has been increasingly prioritizing Reels in users’ feeds, leading to a more Reels-focused experience.

What are the Reasons for Instagram Pushing Reels to People’s Feeds?

What are the Reasons for Instagram Pushing Reels to People’s Feeds

Now that you have an idea as to why we have a sudden peak in the prospect of Instagram reels in the corner, let us understand some of the reasons why Instagram has been pushing reel content to the foreground.

We have managed to sort out a few potential reasons that we think are worth looking into:

Algorithm prioritization

We mentioned previously that Instagram’s algorithm is consistently changing. It primarily analyzers users’ behavior and pushes content based on that. Since more and more people are spending their time mindlessly scrolling through reels, it isn’t surprising that the algorithm is now prioritizing these kinds of short-form content and pushing it to the audience that is engaging with it.

The algorithm’s primary goal is to keep users engaged and spending more time on the platform, and if Reels are driving that engagement, they will be prioritized over other types of content.

1. Content consumption habits

Another reason why Instagram reels are gaining so much traction is the fact that people are consuming similar trends of content. User behavior plays an integral role in shaping the overall Instagram experience.

So, if you frequently engage with reel content, you are bound to end up watching similar kinds of content. By engaging, we mean liking, commenting, or sharing. When you do these, Instagram interprets it as your liking for reels and will push your content accordingly.

Similarly, if you have a habit of scrolling past the reels, chances are that your feed will include similar kinds of videos and static images. However, you have to keep in mind this will only significantly reduce the prevalence of reels in your feed. It will not remove it entirely.

2. Creator and brand emphasis

Since Instagram reels are gaining so much traction, it isn’t surprising that creators and brands are now using reels to reach a wider range of audience.

As a result, they have been actively producing and promoting Reels content. The platform encourages this by providing greater exposure to Reels, as they are deemed to be more engaging and shareable.

Hence, there is a sudden surge in the number of reels that are being posted on the platform. This is another one of the reasons why creators and brands are contributing to the dominance of Instagram reels on the feed.

3. Instagram’s push for short-form content

Not just on Instagram, short-form video content is also gaining more and more prevalence on other social media platforms. Short-form videos, such as Reels, fit this trend perfectly, catering to users’ shorter attention spans and desire for quick entertainment.

Since there is a surge in the demand for Reels content, it isn’t surprising that Instagram’s algorithm is consistently pushing reels to its user’s feeds, making it more prevalent.

With the increasing demand for Reels content, Instagram’s algorithm is naturally geared towards featuring more of these videos in users’ feeds.

4. Explore page recommendations

If you open the Instagram app now, you will realize that the Explore page recommendation consists of different elements. You have a few static images and then you have a section that’s entirely dedicated to reels.

Scrolling through them makes the whole user experience a lot more seamless. If you engage with reels more on your explore page, that’s another reason why you are seeing them pop up on your screen more often.

This is because the Explore page recommendations influence the content selection in your feed, leading to a higher proportion of Reels.

5. Follower activity

The people you follow also influence the way your Instagram feed is curated. If you follow the accounts that are focused on producing reels, you will most likely find that those are the kinds of content that show up on the feed.

If those accounts mainly produce and share Reels content, it’s likely to dominate your feed. Moreover, if you follow many creators or brands that have shifted their focus to Reels, this can further contribute to the imbalance.

6. Restoring a Diverse Feed

Restoring a diverse feed on Instagram requires a combination of strategic actions and a thoughtful approach toward engaging with content. By actively diversifying your interactions and preferences, you can influence the algorithm to present a broader range of content types in your feed. 

Here are some detailed steps to achieve this:

6. Actively engage with different content

Since Instagram is algorithm-driven, the kind of content you engage with is what shows up on your explore feed. So, if you engage with reels more, chances are that those are the ones that will show up on your feed more.

So, if you want to restore your Instagram to a diverse feed, you have to engage with similar nature of content. Some tips for that would be to like, comment and share different formats of content, including static posts, live videos, etc.

When you interact with a wider range of content, the algorithm understands that you enjoy diverse content, which may lead to a more balanced feed.

7. Explore content from different creators

Instagram has millions of active monthly users, which means that you have the chance to engage with so many different types of users from varying niches. This is what you have to put to your benefit.

Use the Explore page to discover content from creators outside your immediate circle. The Explore page is an excellent tool for finding new accounts and content that align with your interests.

When you engage with posts from different creators, it gives Instagram the idea that you are open to new and fresh perspectives, making it easier for you to have a diverse range of content in your feed.

8. Interact with non-reel content

Instagram reels have indeed gained immense popularity. But, if you are tired of watching only reels and want to diversify the kind of content you are accessing on the platform, you must interact with non-reels content as well.

Regular posts, photos, and carousel posts from friends and accounts you follow need attention too. By liking, commenting, and sharing these posts, you demonstrate to the algorithm that you value different types of content, encouraging it to showcase a more diverse feed.

9. Use the “not interested” feature

Instagram is always experimenting to better understand the kind of content that its user is engaging with. This is one of the reasons why you need to use the “not interested” feature that’s integrated into the individual posts that you come up with while scrolling.

When you come across videos or reels that you don’t like, the best way to not watch the same video is by providing feedback. By indicating your disinterest, you help the algorithm understand your preferences better and reduce the likelihood of similar content dominating your feed.

10. Make use of the saved collection

The last thing you can do is created a collection with all the saved reels and posts and then revisit them at a later date. 

By creating collections for different types of content, you can revisit and engage with them later. Saving posts demonstrates your interest in diverse content, and this activity influences the algorithm to present a broader range of posts in your feed.


That pretty much concludes all that you need to know why Instagram is predominantly only reels now. If you are tired of watching reels, we’d recommend proactively engaging with different content formats, discovering new creators, and providing feedback to the algorithm, so you can restore a diverse feed. We hope this article gives you a comprehensive insight surrounding the subject.

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