What Percentage of TikTok Users are Under 18: Exploring the Percentage of Under-18 Users

TikTok has predominantly changed the way we perceive content. Instead of being reliant on long-format content, our attention span as a viewer has reduced significantly. We are now more inclined towards watching short-form content that’s easy to consume and pretty conversational as well.

Amidst all the available social media platforms, reports suggest that TikTok has a pretty high percentage of teenage users, ones that are under 18. Statistics report that around 18.67% of the Tiktok creators are between the age of 13-17 years and 8.7% is under the age of 13.

While some part of Tiktok is pretty safe and educational (to an extent), most parents of underage children are often afraid about their children being on Tiktok without any supervision. This article will explore more about Tiktok, its teenage dominance, and why there is a significant rise in the numbers.

The Appeal of Tiktok

The Appeal of Tiktok

If you aren’t that well-versed with Tiktok and its growing dominance is raising your eyebrows, be assured that millions of users on the platform are giving into the platform’s appeal. 

Now, to an extent, Tiktok’s irresistible charm comes with its ability to entertain people with bite-sized content. It’s easy to consume and very light on the watching experience of the users. Also, the algorithmic recommendation system of the platform ensures that the users are constantly watching content that’s tailored to their best interests.

So, it isn’t surprising that with such amazing additional features, Tiktok is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after social media platforms that teenagers who are looking to seek entertainment from.

Not just that, another factor that contributes to the appeal of the platform is the “virality” factor. The ongoing trends, challenges, and viral content consistently appeal to the audience, which includes teenagers as well.

Why is TikTok growing in Popularity among Teenagers?

With some basic foundational understanding of TikTok out of the way, the next thing that we have to explore are some reasons teenagers (under the age of 18) are more inclined towards Tiktok among all the social media platforms.

The following are some reasons:

1. Bite sized content

Today’s generation is focused on watching short-form content and Tiktok is pretty much the platform that started it all. With video content ranging between 15-60 seconds, the video content is tailored to meet the attention span of the users that are on the platform.

With the kind of busy and fast-paced lives that we are leading, it isn’t surprising that people are more inclined towards watching Tiktok videos because they provide a quick burst of happiness in that busy schedule.

Also, TikTok provides immediate entertainment and rewards with its endless scroll feature, allowing users to consume a vast amount of content in a short period, satisfying their desire for instant gratification.

2. Creative expression

Teenagers nowadays are inclined towards finding platforms that feed into their creative expression and somehow, Tiktok fits the bill quite perfectly. Not only does it let these teenagers find a platform to express their art and creativity, but it also lets them watch others do the same.

Also, Tiktok has a very intuitive and user-friendly interface, which makes video creation a lot more seamless than you’d expect in the first place. From features to filters, there are so many things to explore on the platform.

Not just that, Tiktok also has diverse content genres like comedy, horror, skits, DIY tutorials, etc., making the platform pretty diverse when it comes to the range of available content. Teenagers under 18 find that aspect empowering, to an extent.

3. Discoverability and Virality

Discoverability and Virality

Irrespective of what many people might say and think, Tiktok has helped millions of people find a platform to showcase their talent, build a platform and community and make a name for themselves. This is one of the leading factors that has made most creators gravitate towards Tiktok.

The prospect of “going viral” or “becoming famous” is quite easy when it comes to Tiktok. Also, the sense of excitement that’s instigated by the viral challenges on this platform is beyond anyone’s comprehension. People find it amusing and a dopamine instigator, something that eventually creates a sense of community and belonging.

4. Influencer Culture

We discussed this in the previous section but Tiktok is also paving the way for influencer culture, which teenagers are heavily contributing to. These include the content creators, who are more a trendsetter, doing fun trends and challenges.

Not just that, the influencer culture also includes inspirational and empowering creators who help teenagers find a virtual safe space and a place where they can be themselves. They end up becoming a relatable role model as you’d come to think of it. 

So, where does the safety of these teenagers come into place in such a case?

Is it Safe for Teenagers to be on Tiktok?

Is it Safe for Teenagers to be on Tiktok

With a substantial number of young users actively engaging with TikTok, it’s only natural for parents and guardians to express concerns about the platform’s impact on their children.

There is ongoing discussion surrounding this subject and whether or not exposing children, especially ones under the age of 18, to such social media platforms is the right thing to do.

To be fair, there’s no one right answer in this case. While Tiktok does come with a lot of upsides, there is a dark side to the platform that might not be suitable for underage children to explore and be exposed to.

There has been ongoing content surrounding cyberbullying, inappropriate content, vulgarities, and unwarranted themes of content that have contributed to the excessive screen time of children. If we had to explain things in terms of safety, we’d leave it to the parents of the children because they know what’s best for their child.

However, leaving your child unsupervised on Tiktok is not something we’d encourage at all.


One-third of the users on Tiktok are under 18, which has raised a lot of concerns among people. If your child is under the age of 18 and they are chronically on Tiktok, our recommendation would be to pay attention to the kind of content they are watching. The safety of your child is entirely on you.

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