How To Start Your Car With Android Auto: Everything You Need To Know?

If you are reading this post, it means you have the same question in mind as others. “Can you start your car with Android Auto?” The answer is yes!

You can use Android Auto to start your car, but only if you have an Android smartphone with Lollipop or above version. What we like about Android Auto is the user-friendly interface. Plus, it has support for several other apps.

Android Auto was developed keeping the needs of car owners in mind. It is a more convenient option than a phone in a cradle or dash. The good thing about his app is that it can work almost with any car, including older models. All you need is an Android smartphone and a display screen to pair with your car’s system.

If you are eager to learn how Android Auto can be used to start your vehicle, you should read the post below.

Can I use Android Auto to start my car?

Yes, you can use Android Auto to start your car. It enables you to remote start your vehicle using your smartphone. But before you install the app on your device, there are a few things you need to know.

Can I use Android Auto to start my car

First of all, Android Auto works only on smartphones that run Lollipop or above versions. If your Android version is below Lollipop, you will have to upgrade your phone.

Secondly, you will need a reliable data connection on your phone. Android Auto cannot operate without the internet.

You also need to make sure that your phone is Bluetooth-enabled. Another thing you will need is a quality charging cord. Using a cheap one can lead to charging issues.

The Android Auto app is available on the official app store of your phone. It can be downloaded and installed for free.

Once you have all the things you need, you can use Android Auto to start your car remotely. The process is quite simple, so you don’t have to worry about it much. We will discuss the steps in detail in the below section.

How to remote start my car with Android Auto?

After learning about Android Auto, you must be wondering how to use it to start your vehicle. Though the steps are simple, some of you might find them difficult to follow, especially if you are using them for the first time. To avoid any confusion, we have detailed the process below.

How to remote start my car with Android Auto?


  • The first thing you need to do is install the Android App on your phone.
  • After that turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and pair it with your car. In case, the Bluetooth doesn’t connect, clear the cache on your phone.
  • Once your phone is paired, you are ready to use Android Auto and its features.


You can download The DroneMobile app on your phone. This app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. With the help of this app, you can start your car’s engine and unlock/lock the trunk.

If you get the premium version of the app, you will have access to features like tracking your car’s location, set alerts, and more. Once the app is installed on your device, you can track your car from any location you want.

Having a touchscreen system in your car makes it easier to operate the app. To start navigation, you can press the arrow buttons on the display. For older cars, you may have to use a remote control. In some advanced cars, you can operate the app using voice commands.

Does Android Auto work wirelessly?

This is a very common question asked by new users. Android Auto works wirelessly only with vehicles that are manufactured after 2020. For cars before 2020, you will have to use a USB cable to connect your mobile phone to the car radio. Alternatively, you can use an Android TV stick as it works like a Wi-Fi antenna for car radio.

You may also have to change the settings or install additional apps depending on your car model. For those who don’t have Android Auto, they can use other similar applications. To know whether your vehicle is compatible with Android Auto or not, you should check the supported car list on Google.

Do I need to use a USB cable with Android Auto?

This is another question that is often asked by Android users. It is important to know if your car’s USB port is compatible with Android Auto.

Most cars have USB-C ports. However, some don’t. Even if you have a USB-C type port, it doesn’t imply that it is supported by Android Auto. So you will need to check it to know if the two work together.

By performing a diagnostic test, you can easily find out if your car’s USB port is supported by the app or not. Download the app on your device, and insert the USB cord into your car’s USB port. Make sure your car is turned off when plugging your phone into the port.

Now, unlock your phone and connect it to the USB port in your car. It is important to check if your vehicle’s USB outlet supports 5 GHz wireless signals. In case, this feature doesn’t work, it’s because there’s an issue with the USB.

Important Things To Remember

If you are using Android Auto for the first time, remember the following points.

  • The app is available on Google Playstore.
  • It needs an internet connection to work.
  • It can help you remotely start your car and perform a few other functions.
  • It will work only with Android smartphones 5.0 and above versions.
  • Your smartphone should have a Bluetooth feature.
  • Your car’s USB port needs to be compatible with the app.

Final Words

Android Auto is a fantastic app for car owners. It makes your life a little more convenient by allowing you to start your car using your smartphone. It is a user-friendly application and doesn’t need any brainstorming. Just download the app, connect it to your car and you are good to go.

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