Beacons AI – Everything You Need to Know about the Landing Page Creator

In a world where marketing is in the foreground for personal and company branding, landing pages are becoming a crucial part of the process. The best thing about landing pages is the direct message that they get through to the audience.

However, building a landing page from scratch is tedious and time-consuming, not to mention that you need technical knowledge about the process too. This is where AI tools like Beacons AI come into play. These help users create custom landing pages from scratch and with a few prompts and figures.

If you are considering getting started with Beacons AI and want to know more information about the process of use, this comprehensive guide will have it all.

What is Beacons AI?

Beacon AI is an online tool or AI-based website builder that allows users to create mobile landing pages within a few minutes. This is an integral element that influencers and content creators are tapping into.

If you are a content creator that has a “link in bio” kind of situation on their Instagram, Twitter, or Tiktok account and want to redirect your audience to a webpage or mobile webpage that has relevant information, Beacons AI is the tool that helps you figure things out.

The platform has built-in e-commerce monetization tools as well that the creators can make the most use of when creating their landing page from scratch. When you sign up on this platform and start the process of creating landing pages, it starts with a series of questions that you need to answer.

It is not time-consuming and all of the questions have a direct yes or no answer. The main intent behind these questions is to help the tool understand your requirements so they can design the landing page accordingly.

The Evolution of Landing Pages

What started with simple websites for sharing information then switched to landing pages for creating a single-page marketing website that prioritized conversion.

Landing pages have evolved. While things were quite complicated back in the day, a lot has successfully changed over the years. So, let us go through the basics first.

Landing pages are specialized web pages designed to capture a visitor’s attention and encourage them to take a specific action, such as signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase, or requesting more information.

In short, landing pages serve as the first point of contact between your business and potential customers. We started with the creation of traditional landing pages, not realizing that they impose a lot of shortcomings.

For example, they required coding skills, design expertise, and A/B testing to optimize. Not only that, the initial designs of landing pages also lacked responsiveness across certain devices and platforms, further adding to the complication.

This is where the need for automation stepped in and tools like Beacon AI made their way into the world. With tools like Beacon AI, creating landing pages is not only seamless but they help create high-quality design and responsiveness too.

How does Beacons AI Work?

Now that you have a basic understanding of Beacons AI and its inception, let us understand its mode of operation.

If we had to explain in simpler words, is a link aggregator. Now, what does it mean? Let us explain it with an example.

Let us assume that you are a famous content creator/influencer on Instagram with 500,000 followers. You are in the lifestyle and fashion niche and you create videos reviewing different products, dresses, items, etc.

Every time that you post a new video, your audience is curious to know where you got the product from. Now, the “link in bio” situation on Instagram is not flexible. You can only add 2-3 links at a time, which might not be enough.

This is where steps in. This is a “landing page” situation wherein you can customize a single webpage that will contain all the links to the products and the relevant work that you want to keep your audience posted about. In short, the web page will host your social media links and other relevant links that you want your audience to have access to.

Instead of needing to send the links individually to your audience, the web page allows your audience to have access to the links in one place.

What are the Features of

The “link in bio” websites have gained a lot of traction recently, so if you thought that is similar to the other ones, you are gravely mistaken. This landing page cum web page link aggregator does a lot more than that. 

The following are the two main features worth paying attention to:

Monetization blocks

If you are a new creator on social media, you can benefit a lot from’s monetization blocks. It currently has four different avenues of revenue generation. They include:

  • A feature similar to Cameo where the user can set up their account and then create exclusive and personalized content for the subscribers.
  • The users can earn by accepting donations.
  • They can include links to product recommendations and earn a percentage from it.
  • The users can share affiliate links and generate income from that too

User-friendly interface

You don’t need to be a tech expert to use Beacons AI. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it accessible for marketers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners alike. You can customize the content, layout, and elements of your landing page effortlessly.

How to get started on

Now that you have a good understanding of and the kind of features and functionalities it comes with, let us take a look at the process of getting started on this platform.

From creating an account to using this tool, we will explain it all.

  • The first step is to open’s official website and then sign up for an account on the platform. There is a direct email method and then you have options to sign in using a social media profile. You’d have to enter your username and pick a strong password as well.
  • Once the signup and registration process is done, the next step is to complete your profile. This is where things might get a little crazy. You’d have to fill in all the designated fields with your name, contact details, profile pictures, links, etc.
  • The third step is to create your portfolio, aka, the landing page that you will share with your clients, audience, etc. You have to customize things so they are on brand with your identity. Include relevant images, videos, text, links, etc.
  • Once the basic process is done, you can then further customize the whole thing to meet your requirements. You can switch between themes, choose different color schemes, etc. 
  • The penultimate step is to organize all the links and include the relevant information that you want your audience to have access to. 
  • Last but not least, you get to share and promote your page with your audience. What’s great is that you get a customized shortened URL that you can add to your social media bio so everyone can access it at their convenience.

If you have to change things, you can log into your account, access your page, and switch things up. You can change the look and also customize the links and information available on the page.

Is A Free Platform?

The best thing about is that it offers users free access but you get access to some of the most advanced and premium features available.

There are two subscription plans – The Creator plan and The Entrepreneur plan.

  • Under the creator plan, the users can display their link in your social media and when they are selling products or sharing affiliate links, the income they make from the blocks will add to their income and keeps a part of that generated revenue.
  • Under the entrepreneur plan, the users have to pay $10/month for access to a variety of advanced features, wherein the users can optimize their branding experience like no other. From team access to premium support and better analytics, the list of features is quite diverse.

If you are a creator on social media, we’d recommend you stick to The Creator Plan because it allows you to host unlimited links on the landing page, making things a lot easier and accessible for you. No longer will you have to struggle to share links with your audience. The platform makes everything accessible and organized.

Conclusion has been gaining a lot of traction recently. If you are new to using this platform and have been wondering how it works to streamline the process of link aggregation and monetization, we hope this answers all your questions in detail. Kindly remember that you familiarize yourself with the basic features of this platform to be able to understand what’s right and what’s not. The top tip would be to analyze how you can make the most out of this platform’s monetization blocks.

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