RoomGPT – Everything you Need to Know about the Interior Decoration AI Tool

Every once in a while, we come across a sudden urge to redecorate the space around us and RoomGPT is a tool that has emerged as a leading option for that. The AI revolution is here and its implementation runs further than creating content or using it for coding.

AI tools like RoomGPT help users redesign their rooms and the space around them, paving the way for an easy interior transformation without you needing to do much about it. What’s great about using tools like these is that they don’t break your bank account.

If you have been curious to unfold more insights about RoomGPT, its usage, and its features, you have come to the right place.


RoomGPT: An Overview

Before we take you along on a ride explaining the features and implementation of RoomGPT, we must break down insights about what the tool is. 

RoomGPT is a free online tool that enables users to redesign and redecorate their rooms by creating a whole new version of the place. 

What’s great is that the AI tool was created at the cusp of the AI revolution and was released in March 2023. What’s great is the versatile and multifaceted usage of the tool wherein you can use it to analyze, customize and generate a completely new design of your room in a matter of seconds.

Since its inception, RoomGPT has managed to go viral on social media platforms like Tiktok and Instagram as well. Furthermore, millions of users have used this tool since its inception to transform the look and feel of their rooms.

Which Rooms Will RoomGPT Work On?

With how popular RoomGPT has become over the last few years, RoomGPT works on pretty much any room that you have around the house. From your living room to your bedroom, this particular tool will work for all of them.

The only thing that you have to prioritize when using RoomGPT is to ensure that you have a clear shot of the room that you wish to redecorate.

What’s great about this AI tool is the fact that it can adapt its configuration to match the needs of any room that you can think of. It can work for studio apartments and large luxurious stays too, so the diversity isn’t compromising at all.

When it comes to the different customization options on RoomGPT, there are quite a few different features that you can indulge in using this tool. Not only can you change the colors and backgrounds, but you can also use this AI tool to switch up the furniture arrangement in the room and also transform the overall aesthetics as well.

In short, even without a proper degree or knowledge in interior design, RoomGPT enables you to envision and make way for creative ideas that can change the look and feel of your room like no other.

What is the Basis of Operation of RoomGPT?

Even though this AI tool has the suffix GPT, RoomGPT doesn’t function on the GPT model entirely. Instead, the tool also makes use of the ML model called ControlNet. 

The tool is powered by three standalone factors – Replicate, Upload, and Vercel, which help the users create different room variations. Furthermore, RoomGPT also uses a combination of machine learning and natural language processing to better understand people’s prompts and create optimized designs and themes for each room.

When using RoomGPT, the one thing you have to prioritize is the quality of the image you are snapping. For example, if you want this AI tool to transform the look of your bedroom, the image you upload of the bedroom must showcase the room’s configuration properly.

Once the image is uploaded, it is transferred to the machine learning model using Next.js.route, making the whole process streamlined. 

Following that, you’d have to enter your specifications in the designated fields and this AI tool will take care of the rest, especially concerning the design that you wish to integrate in the room.

What are the Features of RoomGPT?

Now that you have a basic understanding of RoomGPT and its basic mode of operation, we have to prioritize understanding the features too.

We have sorted out a few of the pivotal features worth paying attention to:

  • Generate multiple themes – RoomGPT can generate different layouts, color schemes, and furniture options for your room, based on the photo you upload. This allows you to explore different design ideas without having to make any changes to your actual room.
  • Free – The best thing about using RoomGPT is that it’s free. You don’t have any hidden charges, which ensure that there is nothing that you have to be worried about when using this tool. That’s how comprehensive the tool is. So, if you are on a budget and don’t want to spend some extra money trying to get used to a new AI tool, we’d recommend giving this a go.
  • Easy to use – RoomGPT is a user-friendly tool that anyone can use, even if they have no experience with interior design. Simply upload a photo of your room and select the desired theme. RoomGPT will then generate a new image of your room with the selected theme.
  • Open-source – RoomGPT is an open-source tool, which means that the code is freely available for anyone to use or modify. This makes it a great option for developers who want to create their room design tools or who want to improve the functionality of RoomGPT.

Besides these, some of the advanced features of RoomGPT include:

  • It can generate different layouts for your room. This includes the placement of walls, windows, and doors. You can also specify the size and shape of your furniture.
  • It can generate different color schemes for your room. You can choose from a variety of pre-defined color schemes or create your custom scheme.
  • It can generate different furniture options for your room. This includes a variety of chairs, tables, beds, and other furniture.

Once you have mastered these features, using RoomGPT becomes hassle-free and it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to sort things out.

How to Get Started with RoomGPT?

To start designing rooms with RoomGPT, there’s not much you have to do besides following the steps that we have sorted out for you here:

  • You can either use RoomGPT as a web application or you can download the mobile application. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.
  • Launch the AI tool.
  • Following that, you’d have to tap on “Create account” to be able to register on the platform.
  • Once the registration is done, you’d have to return to the home page and log into the portal.
  • That will take you to the dashboard where you can tap on the “new room” or “create room” button to sort out the new space.
  • You have to enter the specific images or room specifics that you wish to redecorate. For the most precision, we’d recommend that you enter accurate measurements.
  • From there, you’d have to enter the design preferences in the respective fields and use the customization features to sort things out on this AI tool. 

The highlight of using RoomGPT is the fact that it enables you to get a 3D presentation of the final redesigned room so you can have a clear understanding of how the room would look in real time.

What are some of the Downsides of RoomGPT?

Like every other AI tool in the market, even RoomGPT has certain limitations that deserve to be highlighted. We have managed to jot down a few of them:

Some of the designs generated by RoomGPT might seem impractical.

  • The customization options aren’t as extensive as you’d expect.
  • If you are looking for a technical breakdown of the redesign, there isn’t any option for that.
  • It often creates a generic design without prioritizing the culture and lifestyle of the people.

Despite how convenient RoomGPT is, this AI tool is not an actual replacement for professionally trained interior designers. Thinking that is completely baseless.

What is the Cost of RoomGPT?

If you aren’t planning to use RoomGPT quite frequently daily, their free version is more than enough. With the free version, users get access to three daily design options.

But, if you do plan to use RoomGPT professionally, there are three pricing tiers available – basic, standard, and premium. You can look through the individual offerings and see what would work best for you.


RoomGPT is hands down one of the most popular and convenient AI interior designing tools. If you have been wondering how to get started with this tool and streamline the overall user experience, we hope this guide gives you a brief rundown of the features, benefits, and limitations too. Overall, the AI tool is currently in development, which means that more advanced features are bound to arrive.

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