Features of Chatsonic: The Newest and Most Advanced AI in the Town

AI technologies that help to create content have become very popular in just a few years. Even months ago people were struggling with school assignment essays and targeted content. Those days are now behind us. AI bots can now offer us a plethora of well-sorted information and that too at the entry of one simple prompt.

ChatGPT is the most popular AI at the moment but there is always someone or something better. Chatsonic is the AI we are talking about. Chatsonic has certain features that make it a better option than ChatGPT and here we are going to discuss all that and more.

Features of Chatsonic

What is Chatsonic?

To put it simply Chatsonic is just another AI chatbot in the market. It helps its users to obtain automated text and images according to the prompts that they provide to the bot.

What is of the essence here is to understand how and why this particular AI chatbot is different and much better than most of the other contemporary options available.

Chatsonic uses the cutting-edge GPT-4 model. Now, what is this GPT-4 model?

GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer. This technology makes use of data from the web that is put into its system and is trained to respond accordingly when asked. This model succeeds the GPT-3 model. The GPT-3 model was based on the combination of supervised as well as reinforced learning through feedback provided by humans. 

The GPT-4 model is the most recent and therefore the most technologically advanced generation of Open AI. It also possesses 45 gigabytes of training data which is very obviously much more than the 17 gigabytes that were the capacity of its predecessor. The GPT-4 model, therefore, provides results based on prompts offered to it that are more accurate.

Since Chatsonic uses the latest GPT-4 model it provides its users with substantially much more accurate results while being equally quick at it. It can be anything you want be it the wise college professor, the creative novelist, the statistical analyst, or the romantic poet.

What are the features of Chatsonic?

With much competition in the sphere of new and newer AI products and technologies, it is difficult to keep oneself in the running. An AI product needs to be up to date and also realize exactly what the user is looking for.

Chatsonic developers understood the assignment. They have incorporated features in their AI bot that are sure to keep the application not only in the race but also at the top of the game. Here are some of the features that underline Chatsonic as one of the best AI bots at the moment.

  • Substantially accurate information

Chatsonic is capable of providing the most accurate information available corresponding to the prompt offered to it. With so much information available across the Internet it becomes difficult even for programmed software to fetch exact points that the user could be looking for. By making use of the latest model of generative pre-trained transformer available at the moment Chatsonic ensures that its users get the exact information that they are looking for.

Moreover, Chatsonic makes use of machine learning and NLP to generate insights on the latest news, trends, and more, that are accurate to their core. The information that you would we offer following your prompt is going to be as refined as possible. Using Chatsonic you can get factual content and data based on the most recent updates on a certain topic.

  • Voice commands

Chatsonic is indeed the future of AI bots. This is as good as it gets. This application does not require the user the prompts. With this practical and powerful application users can bid goodbye to the tedious job of typing it all out. The user can just give voice commands based on which the bought will generate information.

The advanced NLP technology that Chatsonic uses helps it to understand voice commands and respond to them accordingly. It is much like your Google Assistant or Siri but only better. Not only does Chatsonic follow your commands, it even reverts with a well-organized collection of data that the commands of the user had asked for.

This, therefore, does away with the tiring job of searching and fetching the right words for a proper prompt that would generate the particular content you are looking for. You can directly give instructions to Chatsonic and be sure enough to get what you are looking for.

  • Brilliant capacity for creativity

It is not always possible to give expression to your imagination. Often the human brain fails to project the creativity of the mind as vividly as one feels it. With the help of Chatsonic, the user can represent their imagination exactly as they have it in their mind.

All you would need is a click. With that single click, the user can now create digital artwork of all and varied kinds. The brilliant artworks could be anything that the user once them to be starting from realistic to abstract to surreal. You may not be an artist through and through, but that would no longer stop you from generating mesmerizing artwork.

All the user has to do is enter the prompt that would help the 2 AI models of Chatsonic, namely Stable Diffusion, and DALL-E, to develop and generate the artwork desired by the user. The application, therefore, serves as a great catalyst to transform your vision into a visual.

  • The human touch

The first and foremost concern regarding the overuse of chatbots or the fear of becoming too dependent on them lies in the lack of human touch that an A I chatbot might lack. With Chatsonic no such concern could find ground.

Chatting with Chatsonic could feel like chatting with an old friend almost. The application is designed to pick up on the intonations of the voice of the user and the connotations of the same. It is designed to offer a more natural and enjoyable conversation to the user.

It’s still getting better. The application is designed to remember all the little details from previous conversations that you might have had. There, therefore, would be no need to repeat what you have already informed Chatsonic.

  • Chatsonic API

With a good many numbers of advertisements and features to give the base to those advertisements, ChatGPT is for sure one of the toughest competitors to beat for any emerging AI chatbots in the market. However, Chatsonic offers such a feature by which you can enjoy all the unique characteristics of this application along with the undeniably brilliant features of ChatGPT.

With Chatsonic API you can connect to and integrate all your other devices to enjoy the features of Chatsonic on your mobile app and other devices. This quick and easy feature to integrate all your devices in the same connection ensures a smooth experience for the user.

The customer support team is also always at the service of their valued users. So, in case you require any help in setting up this feature, you can always reach up to them.

  • The revolutionary Twitter bot

This is perhaps one of the lesser-known features that an AI bot can offer. Using this feature the users of Chatsonic can make interesting and quirky conversations on their Twitter handles. All that the user would need to do is to tag Chatsonic in their tweets and then simply tweet them. The perfection and precision with which the bot responds are indeed hard to believe as real.

  • Create Content on the Go

This is perhaps the best feature that Chatsonic has to offer. You never know when inspiration might strike you. There surely have been quite a few times when you cannot remember a brilliant idea that had struck you sometime back even if your life depended on it. With Chatsonic this remains a problem no longer.

Chatsonic lets its users tap into their creative side whenever and wherever. Using the Chatsonic Chrome extension a creator can create content no matter which corner of the web they are at. It becomes easier still as the Chatsonic mobile application helps the user to automate the process of content creation enabling free, easy, and quick access to all the Chatsonic features.

You can be a couch potato for an entire day, and yet your consistency concerning your content creation would not suffer one bit. The application is available on Android and is soon to be made available on iOS as well.


Using Chatsonic is like having a living personal assistant at hand at all times. The plus point is that the assistant is also very engaging and interesting to work with. The complex data pipeline, a feature that Chatsonic uses, ensures that the data that it fetches for the user is well-resourced and has proper references. The deep learning model that is at the core of the program which runs Chatsonic is surely a technology with much potential. If you are an accountant creator who is always on the rounds for newer and fresher content then this is a resource that you can tap on.

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