Create Audio from Text in Seconds

Artificial Intelligence is consistently growing and evolving and among the entire recent technological advancements one that has been making the rounds is If you don’t keep up with these tools, utilizes the power of machine learning to create audio files from text.

The best thing about this tool is the fact that it’s free to use. So, if you have piles upon piles of written articles and content that you wish to transcribe into audio format, BigSpeak.Ai is the tool that you have to make the most use of.

This comprehensive guide will take you through everything that you need to know about and the features it offers.

What is BigSpeak.Ai?

Before we walk you through the features of, it goes without saying that we have to break down the basics of this AI tool. is a free AI-powered text-to-speech, speech-to-text, and voice cloning platform. It allows you to create realistic-sounding audio from text, convert audio to text, and clone your voice. 

BigSpeak supports multiple languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic. The multilingual support of this platform is what helps users streamline the overall user experience of the users without any complaints.

The best thing about BigSpeak is its efficiency. The transcription process is pretty seamless and shouldn’t take you long to render, which is quite beneficial. Also, the platform leverages machine learning to streamline the user experience and make the transcribing process a walk in the park.

What are the Features of

When talking about the features of, there are a few important ones that deserve special mention. From the privacy to the editing features, users can make the most out of this tool without any compromise.

1. Maximum privacy

One of the most important and notable features of is that it offers optimal privacy and security. If you are worried that your uploaded data will be leaked or tampered with, that’s not something you’d have to worry about with this particular tool, which is a bonus.

Their data security is top notch and they also use cloud services for storing their data, which further enhances the security.

2. Easy editing

Next up on the list of features worth mentioning is their easy-to-edit features. With this, the users have optimal control over the content they are uploading, which means that if there’s any kind of discrepancy with the content that you are entering, the edit feature will enable you to sort things out before the final audio is created.

The easy modifications during the input step cut down a lot of the hassle that one would have to experience otherwise. This ensures that even if something isn’t right in the final rendition, you can go ahead and edit it instead of having to do the whole process from scratch.

3. Progress tracker

Not many beginner users are aware of this feature but offers a progress tracking feature, wherein you can check how many transcriptions you have made on the platform, their durations, recording details, etc.

The dashboard on this website is quite organized, making accessibility a walk in the park and something that you wouldn’t have to worry about in the long run.

4. Multilingual support

We discussed this briefly before but supports a variety of languages that you can use to transcribe into audio format, including English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic. Although it doesn’t support all the languages known to mankind yet, we can’t deny the fact that this is a pretty great start.

So, if you have specific language requirements for the transcription, you can be assured that will take care of the same for you.

5. Text-to-speech

BigSpeak can generate realistic-sounding audio from text in any of the supported languages. You can choose from a variety of voices, including male, female, and neutral voices.

6. Speech-to-text can convert audio to text in any of the supported languages. This can be useful for transcribing interviews, lectures, or other audio recordings.

7. Voice cloning can clone your voice. This means that you can create audio that sounds like you, even if you don’t have a professional recording studio.

8. Text to video

The last and potentially the most breakthrough feature of is the fact that it can transform your texts into fascinating AI-generated videos. You don’t need to have profound technical or coding skills for this, which is a bonus.

What can One use For?

With how comprehensive and versatile the features of are, it isn’t surprising that the majority of the users are often curious to know what people can use this AI tool for.

To be fair, the implementation of this tool is diverse:

  • Creating audiobooks – The AI tool can generate realistic-sounding audio from text, making it a great tool for creating audiobooks. You can choose from a variety of voices, so you can find one that sounds like the author or narrator you want.
  • Making marketing videos – If you have a piece of text or marketing text in front of you that you wish to transcribe into an audio or video format, this AI tool has got your back on that too. It can help users create voiceovers and even generate text that you can overlay on the final video you create.
  • Creating educational content – One of the most underrated uses of is for creating educational content. From lectures to tutorials, you can create a variety of different types of presentations using this tool as well, which is a bonus.
  • Creating podcasts – We are currently living in a world that’s driven by podcasts. More and more creators are jumping on the bandwagon. So, if you want to create voiceovers from scratch, this is the tool that you have to rely on.
  • Cloning voice – BigSpeak can be used to clone your voice. This means that you can create audio that sounds like you, even if you don’t have a professional recording studio. This can be a helpful way to create content that is more personal and engaging.

These are just a handful of the ways people are using to generate income and create a better online presence using the power of AI and machine learning.

How to Get Started on

Getting started on starts with registering for an account, so that’s something you have to pay close attention to.

Before you use the platform for transcribing text to audio or video format, it is quintessential that you finish the registration process. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open your browser and then launch the official website of
  • Tap on the Register button.
  • Enter all the relevant details in the designated fields to complete the registration.
  • Once done, generate your username, enter the password, and confirm the registration.

Once the registration is done, you can now log into and get started with using the tool to create relevant audio and videos from the text.

Following the registration, log into the portal and follow the steps to create your first audio or video file:

  • Once you have logged into the portal, you will find a text box in the middle of the homepage. This is where you enter the text that you have to convert into audio.
  • Copy and paste the text into the text box.
  • Choose the language you wish to create the audio in.
  • Click on the “generate audio” button and wait.

It will take some time for the transcription to occur, so you need to wait patiently until the AI tool is done rendering the information you have entered.

What are the Benefits of

With how extensive this tool is becoming in the present date, it isn’t surprising that people want to unfurl more about the AI tool’s benefits, so let us sort those out for you:

  • With the ability to transform the text into audio and video format, you create a piece of content that’s more inclusive and accessible to a wider range of audience.
  • Sometimes, the kind of impact that audio and video files make on the internet is a lot more than the standard text-based content that you come across on the internet. This is one of the main reasons why boosts the brand’s voice.
  • If you want to improve your marketing outcomes, using AI tools like can have promising impacts in the long run and improve sales, revenue, and ROI of your business.
  • Platforms like also offer a customized user experience with the customers, something that reflects the business’ profitability in the future.

These are a handful of the benefits of that we think are worth highlighting when talking about this tool.

Conclusion is one of the most unique AI tools currently available on the internet. If you were confused about the platform and wanted a better rundown of the features, implementation, and benefits, we hope this answers all your queries. One thing that’s amazing about this AI tool is its free usage.

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