Adobe Podcast AI – Breaking Down the Features, Functions and Usage

Are you a podcast creator that wants to integrate the power of AI into your recording? Well, if you answered yes, Adobe Podcast AI is hands down the best option that you can consider looking into. 

With so many different AI tools available in the market, being confused about what a new AI tool will do to enhance your creative output is quite common. The Adobe Podcast AI uses the power of artificial intelligence to analyze your recorded podcast and elevate it.

This article will explore everything you need to know about Adobe Podcast AI, its features and functionalities, and how to get started with it. 

about Adobe Podcast AI

More about Adobe Podcast AI

The Adobe Podcast is a cloud-based AI tool that leverages artificial intelligence to analyze the podcast audio you have recorded and then suggests relevant features that you can use to augment the quality of the audio and even the video that you have likely recorded. 

This AI tool is particularly great for beginner podcasters that want to enhance the quality of their podcasts and want to convert them into professional-sounding podcasts with precision. 

The best part of using this Podcast AI tool is the fact that it allows users to get things done in minimal time and without any hassle at all. Also, this AI tool easily integrates with other Adobe products, including Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe Spark, etc., allowing you to have the time of your life creating new things.

What are the Standard Features of Adobe Podcast AI?

Understanding a bit about the Adobe Podcast AI tool isn’t enough if you don’t familiarize yourself with the standard features that come with this tool. To be fair, there are quite a few different ones worth exploring.

So, let us walk you through the top four standard features of the Adobe Podcast AI:

1. Edit words

After you are done recording your podcast, being stuck trying to figure out how to edit the words in your podcast can be a little confusing.

Well, that’s exactly where the Adobe Podcast AI comes into play. With this tool, you can easily edit the podcast’s words by directly accessing the transcript. This is bound to simplify your user experience in no time.

You can cut, copy, paste, or delete the words, directly from the transcript, making things a lot easier on you. Also, once you are done editing the transcript, this AI tool will automatically sync the audio to the new transcript, making things a lot easier for you.

2. Audio enhancement

With Adobe Podcast AI, you can use the tool’s features to enhance and augment podcast audio that you have recorded. 

From noise reduction to augmenting the audio output using different filters, this AI tool is everything you need in your life. 

Overall, using these features, you can ensure that your audience has an improved listening experience.

3. Enhance the speech clarity

If you are new to using Adobe Podcast AI, it is common for you to not know much about its features. The most unique feature of this AI tool is the “Enhance Speech”, which works in one way – enhance the audio quality of the podcast you have recorded.

But, the way it does that is quite fascinating. The AI tool can successfully remove the background noise, ensuring that the audio is clearer and crisp without any kind of distortion in the background of the recorded podcast.

So, if you have recorded your podcast with a lot of background noise, putting the audio through the tool ensures to clear up the audio so your audience has a comfortable listening experience.

4. Easy accessibility

The best thing about Adobe Podcast AI is its accessibility. Since it is cloud-based software, you can access the content from pretty much any device. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser.

With this feature, you can access Adobe Podcast AI from pretty much all different devices without any hassle and from anywhere across the world.

Now that you have a fair bit of understanding about the standard features, let us walk you through the advanced features of Adobe Podcast AI.

What are the Advanced Features of Adobe Podcast AI?

Besides the standard features, prioritizing the advanced features of this tool is equally important. We have sorted out a few worth exploring.

  • Natural language processing

Recently, there has been a surge in the demand for AI tools that function in natural language processing. 

In short, it means that the AI tool functions based on the commands or the prompts that you are entering. Adobe Podcast AI functions on a similar principle, meaning that it does the functions based on what you are prompting.

The AI assistant that’s present in this tool will understand what your requirements are and then process the information with human-like replies. You will not feel like you are conversing with an AI tool.

  • Audio content transcription

The concept of transcription is mind-blowing and is an integral element when it comes to rendering the podcast content the proper way. 

Using this unique feature, Adobe Podcast AI can promptly turn audio files into text for easy usage. It is integrated with speed recognition technology, which ensures the accuracy of the transcription of each podcast episode that you upload on the tool.

  • Podcast voiceovers

Wanting detailed voice customization in your podcast isn’t a foreign concept. It is one of those features that enable you to create voiceovers for your podcast without any hassle.

With these individual customization features, users can now align and edit their podcast episodes without any compromises and interruptions. This is among the main reasons why Adobe Podcast AI has gained such quick traction.

  • Automatic transcript generation

Want a text format of the podcast episode you finished recording? Well, Adobe Podcast AI’s automatic transcript generation feature has got you covered.

This eliminates the unnecessary manual labor you’d have put into creating the transcript from scratch. This reflects on the production time.

  • Audio recording enhancements

Not many newbie users realize this but one is indeed amongst the most outstanding features of the Adobe Podcast AI is its skill to help the users record AI-powered audio recording and also render seamless audio editing at the same time.

The best thing is that with these audio enhancements, you can enhance the audio quality in no time at all. You can apply audio filters and even eliminate the unnecessary background noise from the recorded audio.

  • Easy integration with other Adobe Creative tools

While we are on the topic of exploring the advanced features, paying attention to third-party integration is important. Adobe Podcast AI integrates with other Adobe creative tools, including Adobe Premiere Pro. 

You can use the speech-to-text technology that’s quite popular in Adobe Premier Pro to enhance the quality of production of the podcast episode you just created. With this feature, users can edit their podcast audio based on a transcript, making the whole experience seamless.

  • Mic Check AI

Another exclusive feature that’s available with Adobe Podcast AI is Mic Check AI. This might come off as an unknown feature but it has the potential to take your podcast quality to zero to 100 quickly.

What this does is help you identify the perfect spot for your audio recording, ensuring that the production quality isn’t compromised.

Keeping these features into consideration is crucial if you want to simplify the whole user experience while you are using Adobe Podcast AI.

  • Project templates

Adobe Podcast AI comes with a lot of amazing project templates that are already available on the platform. 

If those templates aren’t working for you, there is always an option to look into creating one by yourself from scratch, which is another benefit.

How to Start Working with Adobe Podcast AI?

After you are done familiarizing yourself with all the individual features of the Adobe Podcast AI, wondering how to get started on the tool is quite normal.

How do you start editing your podcast episodes? How do you sort out the sign-up process? 

Well, we will discuss all that and more in this section of the article:

The first step is to sign up on Adobe Podcast AI’s official website. After the sign-up process is done, you can then request to access Adobe Podcast AI. That’s pretty much the registration and log-in process on Adobe Podcast AI.

Once you have the account creation and set-up process done, the next step is to create, edit or fine-tune a podcast. For that, you need to upload the audio for the podcast you finished recording.

Following that, you can select from the wide array of features and check what you want to get done to the audio, be it fine-tuning the quality of the audio or transcribing it, etc.


Adobe Podcast AI is hands down one of the best AI tools for podcasters. Given that the tool is fairly new and most people aren’t sure how to proceed, we hope this article gives you all the basic insights you need to get started. 

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